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The skincare expert for babies’ skin for nearly 70 years, Mustela carries out new research in an ongoing effort to imagine the best possible care products, giving the priority to ingredients of natural origin. They are committed to protecting the environment and the planet, while always preserving their values. They give priority to natural origin […]


Uriage are a leading dermatological brand that focuses on the health and condition of your skin. Their unique Thermal Water is present in all of their products and contains high amounts of minerals and trace elements that work to nourish. The spring water is sourced from the French Alps. Uriage Skincare range in Barnet, North […]


When it comes to vitamin and health supplements, Vitabiotics stands as one of the leading brands in the UK and around the world. Their drive to innovate in this area has seen them grow and become a household name. Kartar Lalvani started Vitabiotics with a vision to deliver natural, safe healthcare solutions. Vitabiotics range in […]


When leading scientist and skin specialist working within the NHS were dissatisfied with the available skincare products, they came together to produce a range of skincare products based on sunflower oil extracts. It started at Salisbury District Hospital in 1982 and was made at the hospital pharmacy. Today, the My Trusty brand offers products that […]


As a family business, Optibac has grown to become one of the leading probiotic brands in the UK. Their research concentrates on finding specific strains of friendly bacteria for various health conditions. Their products are shaped around the ideology that one size does not fit all. Using the latest technologies and scientific methodologies, Optibac has […]


Launched 10 years ago, Childs Farm is the UK’s leading child skincare brand with products available around the globe, bringing fun and excitement to bath times worldwide for babies and children: even those with dry skin, sensitive skin and skin that may be prone to eczema.With the launch of Farmologie in 2020, adults too can […]


Essity, a renowned worldwide hygiene and wellness company, owns the TENA brand. TENA is one of the leading adult incontinence brands in the world, with over 60 years of experience. Individuals, their families, and healthcare professionals can choose from a wide choice of incontinence products made with the latest technology. Tena incontinence products in Barnet, […]


As one of the leading suppliers of quality vitamins and minerals supplements, Lamberts provides a wide range of innovative health supplements. Established in 1982, Lamberts is now supplying its products to over 39 countries worldwide. If you are looking for a health supplement then Lamberts is a name that you can trust Lamberts vitamin and […]