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As a family business, Optibac has grown to become one of the leading probiotic brands in the UK. Their research concentrates on finding specific strains of friendly bacteria for various health conditions. Their products are shaped around the ideology that one size does not fit all. Using the latest technologies and scientific methodologies, Optibac has become a trusted name in the probiotic field.

Optibac probiotics in Barnet, North London

Now you can find the Optibac probiotics range at Mountford Pharmacy in Barnet, North London. The range includes everyday probiotics for general gut health and also more specialist products such as Optibac for taking with antibiotics. Visit us in-store to shop for the Lamberts range.

Optibac - Probiotics

We stock a wide range of Optibac products at Mountford Pharmacy in Barnet, North London.
For more details about Optibac products, please visit us at Mountford Pharmacy, Barnet.
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