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Launched 10 years ago, Childs Farm is the UK’s leading child skincare brand with products available around the globe, bringing fun and excitement to bath times worldwide for babies and children: even those with dry skin, sensitive skin and skin that may be prone to eczema.
With the launch of Farmologie in 2020, adults too can benefit from a sensitive skin range that is specially designed for them. They have taken some of their favourite Childs Farm ingredients and sourced additional naturally derived ingredients of the highest quality that have been specially formulated to hydrate dry skin, sensitive skin and even skin that may be prone to eczema.

Child Farm Skincare in Barnet, North London

Expert skincare products for all skin types. They offer a wide range of children skincare products for sensitive skin. Now, they also offer skincare products for adults.

Child Farm - Skincare

We provide the Child Farm Skincare range at Mountford Pharmacy in Barnet, North London.
Visit us in-store to find out more and to shop for the Child Farm Skincare range.
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